Regimen for growing & maintaining healthy hair

Regimen for growing & maintaining healthy hair

Regimen for growing & maintaining healthy hair 

A great regimen for growing and maintaining healthy hair

Growing natural healthy hair when it comes to products you must understand that you only need 5 components.

Shampoo - I recommend shampooing once or twice a month with a clarifying shampoo to break down build up from oils, butter or stylers. This way when you deep conditioner your hair, the conditioner can penetrate the hair follicle easily.

Deep conditioner - once you've cleanse your hair with a Shampoo it strips the hair of all the natural oils and moisture therefore, you need to replenish the hair with oils and moisture by deep conditioning. This will help restore moisture

Leave in conditioner - this helps to further moisturize the hair to help keep its elasticity making it bouncing and healthy.

Hair butter - this seals in all the moisture you have applied from the deep conditioner and leave in conditioner. It acts as a barrier to protect the hair strands from drying out. You lock in moisture by using hair butters.

Oils - This is also great for sealing moisture in the hair but it's best used to massage the scalp. Massaging your scalp once or twice a week with nutrient packed oils will feed the nutrients to the hair follicle during a massage session.

During head massage blood rushes to the scalp which helps with circulation opening up the skin on the head to take in the nutrients.

Build a great hair regimen and you will grow and maintain healthy hair.

**Note** - Harmful coloring can affect hair growth even with great hair care regimen, more on that later.

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