I wanted something Drastic

I wanted something Drastic

I wanted something new . I wanted a new Look so I shaved off my hair for the bald style. I remember the barber asked me why and hesitated to cut my hair off. I was like I need the hair gone because I want something new, something drastic.

I had him shaved my head to a bald style. I enjoyed every bit of being bald. I experimented with bold makeup looks, different kids of jewelry and fashion. It was fun. I could see my full face, all of it 🫣 and I like that.

My daughter was sad that I did that but my son loved it. He felt like him and mommy looked the same 😁. He used to say that all the time. We both would book our hair appointments together and go in to get hair cuts together, he loved that. However, in 2023 March I decided I was tired with the bald look. I wanted my hair back so put never put a shaver back on my heard since 3/2/2023 because I am growing my hair back!

Now watch our all natural products do make magic happens. I had build this brand up single-handedly from the ground in 2015 through 2019 but I have a fashion brand ( ALYSON AMBER )that I was also building and the weight of both was getting to me so I had to make a choice and the choice was to put the products on hold for a bit while I get the fashion brand to a stable position and 5 years later here we are. My fashion brand is doing exceptionally well. There is so much I have learned when it comes to building a brand that I can now apply to the product line but I am just excited to be back at it providing clean hair and skin care products. 

Letting my hair grow out

First cut

Completely Bald

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